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Can they hear me?

#askamedium We hear it all the time, from facebook posts to meme's telling us to talk to our loved ones even when they have passed on. It's not considered taboo anymore to think we can communicate how very much we miss them. As a medium I can reassure you that they are there, all around… Continue reading Can they hear me?

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Day 1 of the New Moon 7 Day Ritual

Day 1 is all about Intentions! After meditating for awhile I asked my guides, angels and loved ones to bring me guidance and clarity to help me trust again. Their answer for me was simple... “What do you Love? When there is love there are no mistrusts. Learn to love yourself, love others, and love… Continue reading Day 1 of the New Moon 7 Day Ritual

It's Personal, Medium Thoughts

These are not my shoes!

I like having a lot of friends but true friends are not that easy for me. I have a few, carefully selected over time, that are privileged to know the inner workings of this head of mine. Some of them get it and others just nod and agree and let me feel heard while they secretly plot my future commitment to an asylum.