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These are not my shoes!

I like having a lot of friends but true friends are not that easy for me. I have a few, carefully selected over time, that are privileged to know the inner workings of this head of mine. Some of them get it and others just nod and agree and let me feel heard while they secretly plot my future commitment to an asylum.

It's Personal

Reality check

Sometimes we have to take what we have and be grateful for those moments. It isn't always what we had planned but it doesn't make it any less precious.

It's Personal, Medium Thoughts

I feel you…

We have all felt it. Your friend pops over, has coffee and tells you all about the guy they are seeing, or the post they read on fb that really set them off. You don't always feel it right away but the longer you are together the more you begin to feel how they feel.… Continue reading I feel you…