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I am..becoming

I always love little sayings, quotes and tidbits I find online. Today I read this and I sat profound is this! I remember as a kid, living in practical home, thinking logical thoughts, that one day "when I grow up" I would be a lawyer or an accountant. I think, as a child, we… Continue reading I am..becoming

It's Personal, Medium Thoughts

Camping is suppose to be about relaxing

I use to camp quite a bit when my kids were small. We would always go for at least a week-long trip every summer and then multiple times, throughout the summer, we would spend weekends up at the lake. I remember those times with great fondness, the relaxing mornings, sipping hot campfire coffee, and watching… Continue reading Camping is suppose to be about relaxing

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Who said that!

Quite often I catch myself asking the universe questions.... "Is this the path I'm suppose to be on?" "Where did I leave my keys?" "Why does my mother's stew taste better?" "Is it possible to try on every pair of shoes and still not find one I like?" I'm sure we have all thrown out… Continue reading Who said that!

Medium Thoughts

It’s ok….I will be you until you can be you again

Friends are the people who you surround yourself with to help you with life. They are the ones you call when you find out you're expecting your first child, the ones you talk to about a bad break up. They are there when you are sitting in the emergency room with a sick child. Friends… Continue reading It’s ok….I will be you until you can be you again

Medium Thoughts, Rock Stars and other famous Crystals

Yes I buy rocks…but they sure are pretty

I am beyond fascinated with crystals and uses. Let's just say all those years of collecting rocks, I had no idea, would lead to this new-found love! While learning the general practices of Mediumship, one focus has been on grounding and protection. So of course I sought out information on the different crystals that help… Continue reading Yes I buy rocks…but they sure are pretty