I heard about this company in late winter and the more I read, the more videos I watched, I knew I needed to try it. There are so many chemicals in our food, and part of my journey has been to try to eat cleaner. The more I read and learn, the more I realize the torture I have put my body through! iGalen has created a formula that is super simple, and targets the way your body processes that nasty sugar and carbs we eat everyday. It is amazing with reducing inflammation which has been shown to cause literally hundreds of serious illness. I don’t know about you but as a woman in her late 40’s I am feeling the results of years of hard work. I am proud to say that after a month of trying this product I now have no more aches and pain, have been sleeping a lot better, am loving the clean energy, and bonus…I am dropping inches and pounds. Do your own research! This is a wonderful product and fits in my day perfectly. igalenwww.igalen.com/iheartigalen