Ask A Medium

There are a million questions that are asked everyday. Questions about heaven and hell. Questions about the after life. And yes! Even questions about ghosts and spirits. As a medium I face these questions all the time. I try my best to answer them and provide some hope and insight into the world of spirit. Here is a place to ask those questions and finally get some answers.

Each week I will be selecting one question to talk about. No question is a bad question so send me those big asks. All questions will be kept anonymous so you never have to feel put on the spot. Simply fill out the little form and include your question and check back each week.

Tips ** Don’t expect a reading by asking questions about your Uncle Jack. This is meant to help you find some answers to the questions that we have everyday.

Typical questions “Is there a heaven?” “Can spirits see me in the shower?” “If I talk to my mom that has passed away can she hear me?” “Why do some people make me feel tired?” “Im having trouble sleeping, can that be spirit related?” All great questions! These are just an example of what you will see here in the months ahead. I look forward to connecting with you all!