About Me

I’m a middle-aged, empty-nester who lives life surrounded by animals. Raising horses is a passion that both my husband and myself enjoy. After 2 divorces, and raising my kids as a single mom, I was not looking for anything. But I found a man and a life that has provided me with a little piece of heaven. I have always had a keen sense of knowing, and a BS meter that was very difficult to get past (my kids will tell ya) I called it “my gut” feeling. And it has gotten me in trouble and out again more times than I care to count 🙂

The last year has been a particularly hard one emotionally, and I couldn’t quite put a finger on why…I just knew I needed more…something was missing. And then I began my journey to find that piece and my tranquility. I am a Medium. And I connect with Spirit. All this time I just thought my mind was making stuff up but for some reason it was almost always RIGHT!  

I created this blog to share with you, the path I took that led me to where I am today…a Medium! Trust me it was not something I set out to be as a kid. I had to wait years, decades even to realize my true calling was not one they teach in school…well not in traditional schools anyway 😊 What I have learned so far continues to make my jaw drop. Stay tuned as this journey has just began and I am beyond excited about what comes next 🙂

Heather xo