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Can they hear me?


We hear it all the time, from facebook posts to meme’s telling us to talk to our loved ones even when they have passed on. It’s not considered taboo anymore to think we can communicate how very much we miss them. As a medium I can reassure you that they are there, all around you, everyday. They are with you when you sleep, they celebrate your successes, and they smile when you talk about them. Can they hear you???

Yes! But not in the way we might hear someone calling from another room. They are no longer in physical form therefore they don’t have eyes or ears etc but they are a body of energy just like you and I. They will do what they can to communicate by using their energy to show you signs. The biggest problem we have as physical beings is to see those signs for what they truly are. We often dismiss them as coincidence or ignore them thinking we’ve gone mad! When you sit and think of someone that has left us you are in fact engaging with them, conveying your intentions, your love, your sorrow to them in forms of energy. Do you get goosebumps when you think of them? Have you seen objects move, lights flicker, find dimes or feathers, etc?? These are all signs that they are there and listening. They are watching over you in the literal sense of the word, So the answer is definately YES! They can hear you. So talk to them even when you look like the weirdo. After all it isn’t about what other people think is it…

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