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Hit Pause

I don’t think it matters what you do in life, there will be times when you just feel inadequate. It’s ok….or at least that’s what I tell myself. The last few weeks…ok its been at least a month, to be honest, I have felt like my whole life is tapping it’s fingers on the table, waiting for me to get at it already. Do you feel this way? Ever??

It’s spring. The ground is thawing, new life is emerging and all around me is a constant reminder that an awakening has begun. So why do I sit for hours wondering why I have no ambition to go and explore!? There is a dead space inside me, lingering and wasting my thoughts. At first I blamed the moon… I am very prone to feeling the energy of the lunar cycle so this is not unusual for me. But as the moon shifts and changes I am finding I am still here…lurking and waiting for my time to emerge…new and refreshed.

This morning while I had coffee and watched the light come alive in the sky over my little herd of expecting mothers, I reflected on where I am right now and how I got here. It hasn’t been an easy process but it sure has made me grow. New beginnings have been happening so much for me in the last year that I have come to feel that exhilaration as normal. That’s when it occurred to me that it isn’t that my life has hit a stand still…it’s that finally it has balanced out and normal day-to-day life can resume again. Today I hit pause so I can look at the distance between myself and progress I have had. Instead of putting my moody face on this morning I can finally relax knowing that it is ok to glide. Today I will enjoy the moments that are given to me and when I feel that dullness creeping in I will remind myself that even a bird in flight stops flapping their wings and just lets the current take them.

Hit pause in your life today and look at yourself through the changes, the growth you have had, and let your wings rest for a minute. We can all fly again tomorrow. Today…just glide.


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