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If you are in the Swan River, MB area, this is an amazing opportunity to learn about the world of intuition! World renown Medium, Carmel Joy Baird created this course years ago and began teaching it to her students, to help them open their intuition and discover a world that beyond what you can see, hear or smell. I began my journey taking this exact course!! I remember when I started, I thought the possibility was there but I had no real idea what all of that meant. I could always remember being able to know things I had no reason to, to be reminded of things ‘out of the blue’, and yet I always just figured it was a coincidence….little did I know! My spirit team had been guiding me all along and I hadn’t really understood that. Now looking back I can’t imagine not having the tools to help me every single day….and I get to share that with all of you!

Are you Intuitive? Ask yourself a few questions and see if you find the breadcrumbs my guides were leaving me…

  1. Driving down the road and suddenly want to change your route only to find out later you likely avoided traffic, an accident, or a delay…yep guides
  2. Leave the house and suddenly remember you left the coffeepot on? Guides again
  3. Randomly think of an old friend and strangely enough get a call or see a post about them days later…guess who?
  4. Shopping for that perfect thing and can’t find it anywhere, only to expand your search to a store you’ve never gone to….and there it is!
  5. Meet someone new and can’t quite figure out why you just don’t like them…eventually they prove that for you but your guides warned you ahead of time to be on guard.

These and millions of other ways, are signs from your spirit team that they are there, and helping in anyway they can. All you need to do is be open-minded to receive their advice.

I hear the same questions often “What is a spirit team?” My spirit team is different than yours…because we all have our own people, our own loved ones, angels and guides that are opening doors, protecting us, and guiding us on our journey. Some of them are loved ones that have left our world already but they are still there to help and guide you, still cheering you on and sending you love from above. Some are angels who have never been here on earth but serve us to the best of their ability. The great lesson teachers come to us in form of guides, bringing wisdom and clarity in times we need it most.

I like to look at life a little more simply than other people, it’s true. I think of things a bit different. When I want to go somewhere I appreciate the vehicle that will take me. When I am hungry I look for food. When I crave knowledge I open a book or find information online. I was never very spiritual in my early years but as this world opens up for me I find my best advice, the ‘stuff’ that hits home and really makes me open my eyes…comes from my team. So being practical I use the tools I have to get what I need done. Makes sense right?

If you’re like me than tools that can help you build your dreams, over come hardship, find clarity in a difficult situation, and even find a treasure you need…trusting the team makes all of it possible.

Are you ready to learn how to use your intuition and finally gain access to your team? What if I told you everything is already there….you just aren’t listening. Let’s unlock that together. Open your mind and you open your heart to all the possibilities in your world.

Sign up today!

Classes are limited in size! May 5th and 6th in Swan River, MB (Early bird discounts!)

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