Today's Healing Message

Daily Inspiration ~ Feb 28th

IMG_3700We all have that one person who we know we can count on. They are the gentle hug after a long night, a soft shoulder to cry on, and the always available ear when you simply need to let those thoughts out of your head. The value of such a person is beyond anything money could buy! There will be moments in your life that you will seek out that person to lean on for support, but today you are reminded that you may be called upon to step up for this purpose as well. Have you found yourself surrounded with drama and emotion that is not your own? Being the soft place to fall for your friends and family is not an easy job but it is one you must perform. The world is all about balance and while we likely admit it is always easier to be the needy, we are needed as well. Be gentle and kind. Listen to the voice that needs to be heard but offer no sound. To be a good friend often means not holding judgement on them, but rather letting them sort out their own thoughts with you as witness. Just be there for them and let your own silence be enough to soothe them knowing they are not facing it alone. Hold their hand and walk with them through their pain.

Heather xo

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