Today's Healing Message

Daily Inspiration ~ Feb 27th

IMG_3699I often wonder how foolish it is to try to remain hopeful in times of difficulty. It’s easier to just tell yourself “there’s no point” right? The biggest problem with giving up and packing your Dora the Explorer lunchbox up and running away from home, is you’re not 6 years old anymore. Remember those days when your mother would tell you that you weren’t allowed to go to a friends for a sleep over or maybe you had to finish your vegetables or you wouldn’t be allowed to have cake? I sure do! I would sit and ponder where I was running away to every time! But I’m a big girl now, with adult problems, and it sure isn’t that easy anymore. In times of struggle and challenge it is always going to look easier to just give up, but what keeps us hopeful is that deep down inside we know there is a divine power that will make everything ok once again. Trust in the universe to bring you the solutions and stay hopeful in your life. I always like to remind myself that I’m batting 100% on my problems, as I have always got through everything in the past! I also know that following every storm is a calm and beautiful rainbow. So if you are facing a challenge right now, remember that it could only mean good things are coming for you so keep your eyes on the horizon!

Heather xo

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