Today's Healing Message

Daily Inspiration ~ Feb 26th

IMG_3697You will have to have a very powerful mindset to not fall into this trap from time to time. In fact I am guilty of this more often than not I’m afraid. Belittling yourself or others, judging and making assumptions based on negative emotions or doubt. We spend a life time trying to figure out what we want and looking for gratification personally that shows us we are doing the right thing, or traveling the right path. We works so hard only to give the power of thought over to that little voice on our shoulder.


Your hair is getting so grey! I better color it so no one notices how old I’m getting

No matter what you hear coming from inside yourself, you must take back your own power and realize that you are perfect just the way your are. Most of us will confess that we have tried and tried again to purge that little voice from our kingdom but it always returns. Take notice of those times, and ask the questions that are real and true.

Will losing weight, coloring my hair or buying new clothes change the way I am? No! Those are just things, images, reflections of my true self!

Once you find the lies behind the self-loathing you will find new ways to empower yourself to not only be happier, but to fall in love with the individual you are! You are here to do great things! Not as someone else or their version of it, but as your own self! Being the best version of who you are will end the need for such petty thought. Try it out today and be mindful of those moments.

Heather xo


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