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Are you ever ready?

I have a million ideas of ways I would love to share what I’ve learned but I’ve never taught anyone formally before. I spend hours discussing different topics with friends, family and colleagues but when I put myself on the spot to actually teach people I freeze up!

I ask myself

  • Am I ready
  • What if I don’t have the answers to questions
  • What if I stumble or freeze up during a lesson
  • What if I’m not a good teacher

I love what I do, and how my life has changed by learning how to live my life with divine purpose. I know I have a whole lot more to learn but I believe we are the best teachers when the ideas and lessons are fresh in our minds. That is when we are the most passionate about it. Every time I learn something new, something exciting, I can’t wait to tell my friends and family! Why not tell the whole world (or at least those who will hear me)!

Yesterday I began to finally sit down and wrote out my format for a course I will be teaching in the near future. It is a course I am very passionate about as it is one that sort of found me. I have felt,¬†for a while, that it is a course I should teach to other people, as I feel there is a lot of understanding that will follow by knowledge of how our emotional and physical bodies are linked. I’ve debated doing it for months but I always found an excuse for why I wasn’t ready. And maybe I’m not! But I can’t keep this from the world. So watch out universe here I come.

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In the meantime, I can’t delay teaching because I might not be ready. I need to get out of my comfort zone and get back to class. My free development classes are starting tomorrow and I am going to book space and time to get teaching Carmel Joy Baird’s Awaken Your Spirit and Extensive Mediumship.








There will always be a tomorrow, another day, another time, maybe later, not right now, hopefully soon, and who knows what else…they are excuses. For me there is a right now! As I close the chapter of my first year of learning all about who I am, I move into a new year of new lessons and love for learning. Am I scared? Yes! But I know that if I don’t take this chance and share what I’ve learned with everyone who will listen, then I’m holding someone back from learning who they are. So let’s learn together.

Heather xo

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