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Day 1 of the New Moon 7 Day Ritual

Day 1 is all about Intentions! After meditating for awhile I asked my guides, angels and loved ones to bring me guidance and clarity to help me trust again. Their answer for me was simple…

“What do you Love? When there is love there are no mistrusts. Learn to love yourself, love others, and love life again and trust will be solved”

My Intention
Repeat often and place where you can see it to remind yourself. What are your intentions?

When we are children we are taught that trust is earned and that once it is broken we need to build it back up again. After my ‘coffee time’ with my spirit team I came to the realization that this is a false blanket we cover ourselves in hoping to avoid getting disappointed in our life. What we should be teaching our children is not that trust is earned, but that when you truly love yourself trust is always there for you. We spend so much time worrying about what other people are doing, what they think or feel, how they look upon us, and ultimately we give them so much power over us that we are left disappointed more often than not. Disappointed in people. Disappointed in ourselves for allowing the hurt, the pain, the damage to happen to us. We give that power to everyone we spend time with and then we hurt so badly when it doesn’t go as we hoped it would.

What would happen if we kept that power for ourselves? What if we loved ourselves enough to stand up for what we believe, to create a bubble of peace and harmony around us, to shield us from the negative energy that is walking among us everyday? What if we understood that true happiness is within us all and that to trust is to simply grant yourself permission to love others? What is trust?

Trust is giving to the universe the plans, hopes and dreams we have created inside us, and letting go of all expectations. Trust is knowing that when the time is right, the universe will bring you what you need and wanted most. Trust is believing that we won’t always understand the road we are on but we know we have a purpose here. Trust is not a tool used to make angry threats or dangle hope on someone you ‘love’. Trust is not a gift you can give or receive. Trust is letting go of your fear, resentment, anxiety, confusion and allowing someone or something greater to handle it. Let go…and let god. Love is all we need. If they hurt you love them anyway. If they lied, love them anyway. If you disappointed yourself, love yourself anyway. We are human. There are no perfect lives, no perfect people, no perfect job or boss. We cant offer what was never ours to give but we can love. So when you feel suspicious or on edge about a situation remember that trust is the key to the universe. Trust the source above to help you through those times, to provide you help and healing, and to give you comfort. It is not your’s to understand but simply to know it will be done. To the situation that causes you to worry…love the lesson, love the person or thing or idea of it, and love yourself for being so brave to ask for help from the universe.

Set your intentions today and join me on this 7 day New moon ritual. Tomorrow we Purge!

Heather xo

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