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Altar Ego!

If you’re like me, when you hear the term ‘altar’ you think of a big grand religious based platform with incense and statues! I had no idea when I began my spiritual journey that this was a key to my connection with the other side and the universe. I have never been a text-book religion type person, in fact more the opposite. I had always believed in a higher being, a god or deity, that created all and watched over us but not in the sense that I felt the need to contribute to a collection plate or spend long hours listening to sermons while trying to stay awake. I have no issues with religion and I do see that there are certainly people in our world that need that structure and guidance! I also see great similarities between the different beliefs and followings that I rather like, to be honest. But let’s get back to the point of it. Altars.

When I first set out to learn everything I could about being more spiritual and in tune with the universe I was introduced to the concept of altars. Now instinct screamed at me “This is religious! They are putting you in a box!” Which is sooooooo untrue and this is what I’ve learned so far…in my vision of it.

Alters are simply decorating with intention! Who knew!?!?! So you make a pact with the universe/spirit/source and you let them know your intentions, not what you are going to do but more what you want in the end and then you flood your sacred space with items that symbolize those intentions! All these years I would look at little old ladies with their little shelf full of knickknacks and thing…’dust collectors’ but in fact by laying out what they love and enjoy in an arrangement acknowledged to the universe that this is what they wish most for…and every year the collection grew didn’t it? So by your own design, you decide you want to have a better garden and then fill a window with interesting plants and flowers you are also telling the universe that you want more plants and flowers. 

Now the difference between collecting trinkets and building an altar is merely the intention you set when doing it. If you are look for more peace and happiness, then you need to set upon your altar items that demonstrate peace and happiness to you. It doesn’t need to be a cross or have any religious affiliation at all. I have set up my alter or as I call it my sacred space to receive abundance and I will show it to you so you can understand it better.

File 2017-12-12, 8 54 47 AM

I have included many things that are worthless but that hold value to me or symbolize the value I want. I have included crystals and stones that are great for this exact purpose. I have opened a jar, spilling the contents which includes old money and treasures from my youth, that symbolizes a vessel to collect more as well as the cup runneth over. Once I have all my items placed as I see fit, I simply let the universe know my intention by saying a prayer or meditation asking for their guidance to provide me what I want, trusting them to make the decisions that I need made, for my highest good.

TA DA!!!

Another key tip is to cleanse and clear all the negative energy from the items and your altar and then don’t let other people touch it. It’s your sacred place. For your hands, and heart alone.

So remember the next time you catch yourself arranging items on a shelf…you are creating an intentional collection of items….just ask the universe for what you wish and trust it will be so!

Heather xo

2 thoughts on “Altar Ego!”

  1. After reading this I’ve realized that I have an alter! Unintentionally, I’ve created a dresser top, spiritual space with many of my sacred items. I now need to put some focus into the intentionality of it 😉
    Thank you!

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    1. I think even as children we do this unintentionally! We have special things that we dont share, we cherish and keep in a special place. In a lot of ways even the jar filled with old coins, marbles, seashells etc that I have kept for decades symbolizes an attempt at an altar. Im glad you are going to focus those intentions!


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