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Do you listen to animals?

I often wonder, living where I do, how many creatures make their way through my yard every day. I see rabbits, grouse, coyotes, bears and deer off and on all year but most notorious for making appearances is the fox. When we first moved here over 4 years ago I remember thinking

‘Omg I’m in the middle of nowhere!’

and it still holds true but you don’t get to experience wildlife in the city or town life….you have to be in their space, in the ‘middle of nowhere’. Today while I chatted on the phone with my mom, I heard my dog barking so I quickly went to see what she was upset about and found a little skunk slinking away trying to be invisible along the trees of my lane. I called Molly in the house, more for my own salvation as I don’t prefer to reside with that perfume scent so best not tempt the gods by leaving her out. I watched the little stinky kitty careful retrace its steps back down our lane and off on new adventures so I figured all was well at last.

Sitting down to continue my conversation with my mom I thought I saw something move just along the tree line so instinctively I figured our little friend had returned..and then a new face emerged from the trees.


Being who I am, I understand that there are no coincidences in life and even the appearance of animals is a sign or symbol of something greater. If I saw a fox everyday in this location…no not unusual and therefore not very noteworthy however when I saw it today it was in conjunction with seeing the skunk just minutes before and now the universe has my attention! My go-to for information on animal appearances is my book written by Steven D. Farmer entitled Animal Spirit Guides. (and no this isnt a direct quote simply my interpretation)

The Fox signifies the use of our intuition and in quiet means, navigating problems in a stealth like manner. To be quiet about your intentions and to be private about what your plans are at this time. To not be too trusting but more to observe.

The Skunk is known for standing their ground no matter what they face. They are equipped with tools to persevere and live to fight another day. This is an animal who reminds us to respect ourselves and our choices, making them top priority but in a way that is harmonious if possible. Respecting others is part of the deal.

So when I combine these 2 unique sightings and reflect I realize that I need to take myself serious and that I will not always know who I can trust but I need to be respectful in any case. It is not always about the right or wrong of a situation but rather gathering the information I need to make the choices before me using techniques that allows us to both walk away feeling good about ourselves.

Love and light,

Heather xo

2 thoughts on “Do you listen to animals?”

  1. Beautiful post Heather! We see foxes occasionally around here, and I am always in awe of them. Pretty exciting for a city kid, and I am sure that they come around just to make sure I’m paying attention!

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