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Practice makes perfect

I remember teachers, coaches and even my parents, tell me that practice makes perfect. I also remember mildly hating them at that moment haha. Life is hard work and it seems like just when you think you have it figured out something shows up and reminds you that you have a lot more to learn.


In the realm of spirit, as well as life in general, we are constantly at odds with our ego and the little guy on our shoulder that tells us we are wrong, making us second guess what we thought we knew. That little voice can change everything when you are working with spirit. It takes time, knowledge, and confidence to let that little voice know that it is time to shut up. And while I usually know the difference I am also still learning so I might hesitate just long enough to allow that little guy to blow out my candle.


So once again I sit and contemplate how to make my confidence better, how to feel more sure of the messages I receive and then I hear those words again…Practice makes perfect

of course…

No matter what area of your life that you are focusing on right now, remember that little phrase. We will get better, more sure and more confident….and that will empower us all.

Heather xo

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