It's Personal

Dear Me…


Sometimes I get tired of hearing about how we need to love ourselves if want to receive love. How the universe will give what it seeing from you, the love, the compassion…the anger. Well…sometimes it isn’t easy to love me. Sometimes I’m not that loveable. Somedays I don’t even like to be around me…which is difficult since I’m kinda stuck with this body haha.

But it is the truth.

When I started this spiritual journey I had an inner loathing that was always there, waiting, lurking, ready to trip me and watch me fall. I had developed, over years, a little inner voice that simply told me I wasn’t good enough and I would fail. I know I’m not perfect and I also understand that as a human, I am going to continue to trip and fall a million times before I learn to run.

But I will keep getting up…because I also have learned that the little voice is wrong.

Tonight I read a blog that talked about manifesting your true calling and how to use your own inner strength and theĀ  tools our body was given, to do just that. They talked about having a vision of what you want and moulding your thoughts and beliefs to focus on that one thing you want most. It explained the power of faith and energy as well as our use of choice to influence all these things. While reading this through, they spoke of money and success, I realized what I want most is to really love myself again. Money would be nice don’t get me wrong but it couldn’t be the thing I wanted most. I’m just not a materialistic person. Success I can agree with, but only because to be successful would essentially mean I have helped other people to feel better in their lives. That is success to me.

To truly love yourself you must be ready to handle all of it. Just like a marriage or any relationship. There will be good days and bad, good times and bad, moments where you second guess the choices and times when you just can’t stop smiling.

I’m a little old school! I like love letters with their little hearts and warm fuzzy sentiments like xox

And the train left the station….Why not write myself love letters!!Dear Me,I love you so much xo

I have struggled my whole life to appreciate myself and to really like the person I have become. So it only seems fitting that we should ‘date’! So for the next few weeks I will be charming my pants off! It will go something like this…

Dear Me,

I walked past you today and the smell of your perfume was so sweet it reminded me summer flowers. I realize you only see me in the bathroom (mirrors haha) but I want you to know I never stop thinking about you. You have a smile that can make a room light up and I really wish you would show it more. And your eyes…twinkle when you tease me. I fall more in love with you everyday and even though we have been together our whole lives, I still learn more about you every single day, and you are incredible. Until tomorrow xo

Maybe you owe it to yourself to receive a little love note from yourself? I can’t imagine a better way to end the day…

Love and light,

Heather xo


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