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Mirror, mirror

I love the little inspirational messages I receive everyday from Carmel and the other day when I sat down and was listening to her message I was speechless by the lesson in it. I actually contemplated the message for a few days, really letting it sink in, and realized that I am so guilty of this as I’m sure most of us are. She spoke about what it means when we celebrate in other people’s misfortune. How the way we treat others is a direct reflection of how we treat ourselves and the broken pieces of our own story. To say we all have people we don’t care for is true, but to watch them stumble and fall and cheer it on is completely wrong. How often have you said something like this “Oh good! She got what she deserved!”? We all have. Don’t be shy and stick your hand up high.

Karma is something we all joke about with friends “what goes around comes around” but when it happens to you it sure isn’t funny.

So let’s talk about Karma and the universe giving us what we are focusing our energy on.


It is true and quite probable that if you show enough of something to the universe you will receive more of it. Take for example anger…if you wake up in the morning angry, and cycle through your day upset and hating everything around you, the universe says “Oh they must like that so let’s give them more to play with” and so it will be! So I ask you now to think about what you are focusing your energy on. If it isn’t what you want then you best find a way to banish it from your kingdom! I had no idea when I began this journey, just how powerful our intentions can be where it¬† pertains to our life. My eyes are open now to the possibility and potential that my thoughts have on the things I endure every single day.

We are human. We make mistakes. We pass judgement where it is not wanted. We say things that aren’t always necessary. We hurt. Ourselves and others. But and I say this with all the love my heart can send out to you….

We are capable of changing our behavior and making this world a better place.

The next time you catch yourself wishing bad on others or celebrating their demise….remember somewhere out there the universe is watching and wrapping a little of that up for you for christmas. So be careful how you treat people and what your intentions and energy are saying about you. The next time you see that person you don’t care for and you notice they are having a hard time…don’t cheer…offer them your hand and your heart. Who knows? It’s possible, when you take the time to know them, that you simply misunderstood their intentions. Might even make a new friend.

Love and light,

Heather xo

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