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Mold…the result of best laid plans

I remember the first time I read a post on FB that went something like this

The crisper in your fridge is where good intentions go to die

I laughed out loud! Literally! It was like they knew me! The truth is I’m not alone. Many of us have the best of intentions and shop and spend our hard earned money only to toss it in the recycle a week/month later.

As I was washing my dishes today (yes my life is not all that glamorous) and shaking mypail head at the ones I had pulled out of the fridge that had lived there long enough to have their own address, I realized I really need to stop doing that. It’s has become a science experiment lately of the best choices I can buy for me to live a healthier life….let’s face it we all need to live healthier!

But when you put it in the fridge, loving this new life you are beginning, and you close that door….it knows you aren’t coming back. It’s like abandoning a decision without ever putting it into action!

Now you’re thinking ‘ok Heather…what’s your point’ What if ourĀ  whole life was like this? Oh wait!! It already is!

life lessonWe spend an enormous amount of time, energy and money on trying to live better, trying to do better, trying to learn more and when the new car smell fades we are off to the next best thing. We cycle through our life like pages in a magazine! Does it smell good? Does it taste good? Will it make me prettier? Will it help me lose weight? Will I make more money? All things that randomly enter our thoughts during the decision-making stage of any event in our life.

I am as guilty as the next guy and I’m sure there are more than a few of you reading this thinking about your moldy choices as well. What if we actually stuck it out and gave it an honest try? Do you remember the reason you chose that particular thing or path? What circumstances influenced you getting there? How quickly we forget those details when we see the next new thing we want to have or try.

My point today is this…If you struggle with sticking it out, with seeing things through to completion than you have some work to do too. This is my proposal for myself and maybe you can try it too. In the case of food? Nooo just don’t. You are lying to yourself if you believe you are going to eat it. Eat food. Enjoy food. There are better ways to punish yourself than by limiting what you can eat. But eat clean. Choose options that are healthier and prepare it as healthy as you can. In the case of EVERYTHING else…you loved it, you needed it and you wanted it…if you changed your mind (it happens, we’re human) then you need to find it a new home…no more moldy ideas. Ctrl-Alt-Del.

Do you know someone who really wanted what you have? Well give it to them and let them know that if they should choose to not want it any longer it is best to pay that forward. Don’t let your closet or life resemble my fridge….

Heather xo

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