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You can build a bridge

Do you ever catch yourself being mean to someone and wonder why? I have even noticed a trend taking place where I can be an absolute darlin to people I don’t even know, but then turn around and show my nasty side to the ones I love immensely. Why is that do you think? While I would never recommend this kind of display, I realize that it is often with the people that mean the most to us that we can remove the veil and let our real pain out. 

Today I started a new journal study that looks at who we are and what is holding is back from being our true spiritual selves. It is rather favinating when you start to dissect the inner demon. One of our questions is to set goals based on the expectations of the next 2 weeks and I realized that I have a huge mote of water separating me from where I sit happy on the other side. It will certainly be a journey but I’ll keep you posted along the way. Who knows maybe my pain will help you build that bridge. 

Love and light surrounds you xo

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