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Daily Prompt: Believe

Everywhere we look right now we are surrounded in Thanksgiving. Pumpkins ripe, turkey stuffed and tables filled with food and family. Tradition is a word that lies at the doorstep on a rug or hangs from the wall engraved in a wooden placard. But what is Thanksgiving to you? What are your traditions?

22279768_10155024738036824_8099763707064876864_n.jpgI am the first to admit I am not much of a traditionalist but I conform for the sake of my family. I attend the feasts and sit idly while the children run wild and the adults chat about where they vacationed or what recipe worked best for them. I seldom get involved in the moment of it all as I reflect on the voice inside me asking me “What do you Believe?” I #believe in a power greater than me, of a life I haven’t yet sought or understood. I #believe in gratitude for all things, regardless of how they have entered my life and how long they stayed. I #believe in miracles and magic and the uniqueness that is my own. In a world surrounded in violence and misunderstanding, I #believe in peace and compassion. As far as tradition goes, I #believe that we need a wall to lean on, a reminder to just stop for a second and look around us. Take some time today, as I will, to look deeply at the journey that brought you here. Rejoice in the path and the steps you took and whether the trip was smooth or rough, be thankful for the opportunity you had to experience it. Most of all #believe in yourself, for there is no other like you. You are magnificent and rare, filled with wonder and hope. I #believe in you ❤

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone celebrating this weekend here in Canada. May your life be filled with love and acceptance and may you celebrate many more thanksgivings to come.

Heather xo

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