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The Light Show

On behalf of myself and my family I send love and light to all who are hurting today. As a Canadian I watch from afar the aftermath of such a tragedy that has taken the innocence and fun away from so many lives. I feel the devastation and the mourning of the masses as they try to put back together their lives, their families and their faith. I am one person and I am joined by millions when I say I am deeply saddened and troubled with these events.

I have watched social media explode on the topics of gun control and witnessed people hating people because of beliefs that differ from theirs. I have seen the written carnage exchanged amongst my own friends, angry that they can’t change what happened. The world is angry right now. It’s hostile and dark. But…there is LOVE! There is peace in the hearts of millions and a kindredship that expands oceans. My challenge for you all today and the days coming is to not hate, to not feel compelled to spew forth your anger, but instead to love. We may never understand why things like this happen and we can only give the universe a nod and trust it to bring us through to better days. In the meantime we need to put out in radiance the light we wish for our fellow humans. Next time you see or hear a conversation that is debating the do and don’ts of how and why….be the light. The world needs more light in this, our darkest times.

My prayers and healing energy goes out to all of you today…

Heather xo

1 thought on “The Light Show”

  1. Great post Heather,

    we can fight with negativity in the world only with love. We must share positive energy in every single word,in every sentence, in every post,every day, every week and every year.That will be our contribution for better Earth.Thank you

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