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“I Can” be bananas!

The Solar Plexus Chakra is affectionately known as the sun spot in my world. Glowing yellow and located above your belly button, it signifies the element of fire and sight. There are plenty of things that are effected if this disc is not in alignment. Your pancreas, liver, digestive, stomach, spleen, gall bladder as well as your lower back and nervous system. As you can see by these major body contributors, this is a very important Chakra to keep balanced and aligned! This is also responsible for many emotional problems as well. If you suffer self-esteem issues..that is a sign this little yellow sun spot is not working properly. There are a lot of message centers in this area of our body as well and they all play a role in how we feel and speak to ourselves. Fear of rejection and worries about appearance are also symptoms that it’s time to clean this area. The biggest sign that it is in alignment and clear of debris is an overwhelming feeling of balance and acceptance. I am a sufferer in this department also, so know you are not alone. This is probably one of the single most problematic area in most people’s lives, to be honest. Self Love is a hard thing to conquer and knowing now that this is a contributor to this area gives me insight into how to tackle it and work through my own issues.

6-Health-habits-to-nurtureImagine yourself, laid out in the sun, breathing in its love and warmth. That moment when you let go of your doubt and insecurity and just feel the light wash over you is the time when you truly feel the connection with your solar plexus chakra.

The phrase “I CAN” is significant and affirmations beginning with this phrase will help you to find peace in this area as well. I can succeed! I can lose weight! I can be healthy! I can heal the world! Any time you are feeling those little voices of self-doubt coming on, don’t hesitate to use some affirmations to banish those self-defeating thoughts. I know, I know….what does a few words really do? Well even if you don’t believe it now….if you say it often enough eventually your higher self will and they are stronger than us 🙂 Say them anyway.

bananaStruggling in this area? Eat it! Yellow food is directly linked to this chakra including bananas, corn, eggs, lemons, pineapple, yams and yellow peppers. I like to carry a little help around on a busy day. Because this is a problem area for me personally I am almost never without bananas haha. Remember to be intentional, like the other chakras, and always focus on the color and allow it to flood within you. This color is a happy color for a reason so if you aren’t feeling happy that is a good clue that you need a little help in the yellow area. yellow carnelianCarrying stones and crystals also aids in balancing your solar plexus including amber, citrine, yellow sapphire and topaz. Carry them in your pocket or on a chain around your neck.

Remember that all our chakras need to be cleaned and balanced regularly but if you are feeling there is a need for extra work in one area, then these tips are here to help you.

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