Chakra Talk, For the love of FOOD

‘I Have’ Strawberries

Until I began this journey I literally had no idea the impact my food could have on my emotional body. I just ate what I wanted because I liked how it tasted. I never gave any thought to the connection between how I felt emotionally after eating something. I have since taken a few courses on Chakra balancing and cleansing and the foods, crystals and aromas that are associated with each. It was a light bulb moment for me and so I thought I’d share my vision on this subject. Specifically our Root Chakra which is visualized as a glowing RED disc.chakra

Your Base or Root is what keeps you connected to the earth and what helps you feel safe and whole. There are dozens of associated illness and disease that are impacted by this and by cleansing and focusing your energy on this area of your body relief can be yours. Located at the base of your spine, it influences our sense of security, and our ability to achieve goals. Its focus is on our vitality and ability to stay grounded as well as how satisfied we are in our life. Do you ever feel disoriented or just like your world is in a scattered state? The root of your issue is often in the base Chakra. When it is clean and clear you will feel balanced and stable. By closing your eyes and visualizing the red disc spinning at your base, allow yourself to see debris leaving the disc and using your intentions witness it clean and clear and stable as it glows brilliantly in red.

I love strawberries! I had no idea when I ate them that I was actually helping my Base to be energized. There are a million different red colored fruit and vegetable that will do the same thing. If I feel a bit off and unsteady I seek out red, red clothes, red stones, red food, to help me bring my intentions back to clearing and cleansing and putting my energy back into my root. The words associated with this location are “I Have” so if you are unable to grab an apple cause you are at work, then simply focus on that red disc and visualize it getting brighter. Say out loud or to yourself an affirmation beginning with “I have”

  • I have everything I need to be safe and secure
  • I have all that the universe has provided for me
  • I have strong roots and feel my power growing
  • I have love and life beyond my wildest dreams

say whatever you feel at the moment but say it with intention.strawberries

If you have had issues in the security department for some time don’t worry! It is never too late to reverse those insecurities and flush and cleanse out your Chakras. I would prescribe to you a whole lot of red! Strawberries, cherries, apples, tomatoes, red peppers…eat it! Put on your favorite red shirt or even a little red underwear and feel the color heal your core. I even love to carry a few crystals to remind me of how important this particular color is to helping me feel ok with my life. So if you suffer from uncertainty, insecurity, feeling dizzy or off-balance, or even feel negative energy that just wont go away…focus on those strawberries and let the color flood you!

Heather xo

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