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I’m never gonna let you go

Talking with a client the other day about the feeling of loss and guilt when you don’t have a chance to say goodbye. Most people express an overwhelming amount of sadness that they missed that chance for whatever reason. They blame themselves, their work, the family obligations, even traffic. The idea that, for some reason, the odds were against you being there at that precise moment of your loved ones passing seems impractical. My theory on this is a little outside the box and granted not all will fully appreciate my thought pattern but here it is anyway…

If you believe in a power greater than us, that can guide us and help us on our journey, whether it is God or any other religious deity, than you can also see the possibility that there is a plan in everything they lay before us. I believe that while we can’t always see, think, feel, sense, smell or touch our loved ones once they pass, it does not mean they are not there. To disbelieve is to say to an artist that the image in their mind is not real as they interpret it into a masterpiece, or that the current of electricity is not real right before you get a shock. There are a million things that are very real but  not always visible. Emotions and the air we breath to name a few are not substances that can be measured in sight. So, while we can agree that there are things that may be real without being visual, then why is there a surprise that spirit is around us everyday? I believe you are apart of something bigger, something beyond our imagination, that has connected you with the people in this lifetime that will help you solve your own life puzzles. I also believe that the family you are part of is your family forever. I believe that when they pass they wait for you to come back to them so you can re-enter the next life for new lessons. Is it rational to believe all these things? Is there evidence to prove it? In my honest opinion there is rarely evidence to support anything but if you believe in something with all your heart, with passion and conviction, than it must be so!

While I watch so many grieve silently with regrets and unanswered questions I feel compelled to reach out and remind them that we never have to say goodbye. One day, one way, they will be reunited again. Until then they are still around you, loving you, supporting you, and helping you to learn the lessons you chose in this lifetime. All you really need is a reminder to look up, reach out, and talk to them. They hear you and they love you soooooo much.

Heather xo


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