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The smoke gets in my eyes

I’m crying, like all the time, about everything. My emotions are tumultuous at best and I feel like my whole world has fallen apart, all while I pour coffee each morning. How do I explain that? What is going on with me that could cause such grief and depression? Looking around me I see nothing but a typical day, like any other farm day. I have ups and downs, but who doesn’t? I have no disturbance here, physically, that would make me cry. A few things that make me grouchy haha but not cry…”so what is going on?” I ask myself.

Let’s look at the world right now…from a medium/empath perspective

  • Fire! Not just in one province or state…global fire. Typically a person watches the news and sees the reports and thinks something like ‘oh dear poor things’ …as an empath I feel panic, fear and mayhem. I feel the energy charging through that creates mild to severe emotional changes.
  • Hurricanes! Record breaking force hurricanes to say nothing of the devastation and destruction after. My heart literally rips out of my chest to think of the people, the animals that lost everything including their lives. The energy is overwhelming!

I put the 2 together and realize that over half of my continent is in crisis right now and the emotional turmoil I feel is not even my own! As a medium I try very hard to stay away from the media for many reasons including, but not limited to, avoiding the negative energy. I take it on like it is my own and it’s an incredible disturbing thing for me. Just tonight on Facebook I scrolled past a post one of my friends had shared about a farm that was burned to the ground. The barn, arena and all their winters feed were gone! They lost their home and everything they worked for. I scrolled by it and felt their sadness, placing my had over my heart, and I whispered a prayer for them. I couldn’t imagine getting up one day and knowing the home I share with my spouse, the barn, the arena and the animals we love could all be gone in a heartbeat.

Tonight I will focus my energy on hope. I hope it ends soon, taking away the pain and suffering its caused. I hope for strength for the people who will have to put their lives back together. I hope you think about them tonight, and focus all your positive energy on those that need it most right now. Alone I am one person, but together we are strong!

Pray for all ❤

Heather xo

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