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Share it, feel it, believe it!

In my line of work, as a medium, I have a lot of little glimpses into other people’s lives. I feel the pain and share the happiness. Spirit works in mysterious ways to show me what I need to know in order to help others on their journey to heal. I never really know what I will see or how I will know until I know. A conversation with a friend led me to realize that, while I am growing accustomed to the random thoughts, it may not be quite the norm for everyone. Tonight I reflect on that conversation as well as the many others I have had today and ponder why I was chosen. There may never be an answer to that question but I am sure of one thing. I am grateful. I will not always like the feeling of pain that is not mine nor the torment of smelling fresh-baked ginger snaps without actually getting a taste, but I am grateful for the moment. There is no better feeling in the world than knowing I could help someone through a difficult time. The peace that I feel witnessing a connection between two loved ones, is indescribable. There are a lot of questions left to ask and answers I need to find but tonight I will sleep surrounded with love and light. Sweet dreams…

Heather xo

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