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Maybe I’m just wired differently..

I’m laying in bed tonight exhausted from the day, listening to the rain. The sky is bright with lightening. Not the crazy one strike you’re out kind, but the sheets of spider web ripping through clouds kind. My phone alerts me that the tornado threat has ended and still I lay here wondering the stupidest things!! At one point tonight I was wandering around my basement looking for the perfect place to witness my home lift off! I’m serious! Candles lit, just incase, I walked from window to window thinking of what I could do if I saw that funnel cloud. Now that the danger has passed by I am left with questions of how I could be better prepared and then the big question…wait for it….

Do people in tornado areas have to always sleep fully clothed?!?!?!?

Ya sometimes I question my sanity too haha and so I’m left with this other question. I have pondered this many times through my life. 

Am I just wired different? I mean who thinks like this? So many times I have been faced with chaos, disaster, injury, you name it and yet I will find the most random question and ponder it for days… Don’t be jealous. If you need a crazy question just ask. I’ll share 😊

Goodnight y’all

Heather xo

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