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I am..becoming

I always love little sayings, quotes and tidbits I find online. Today I read this and I sat back…how profound is this! I remember as a kid, living in practical home, thinking logical thoughts, that one day “when I grow up” I would be a lawyer or an accountant. I think, as a child, we are nurtured and sculpted to be what is expected of us. We have all heard the phrase “Get good grades, get a good job” and so we build our own level of goals based upon what we know. I confess, I dabbled a little in a lot of different things growing up. I always loved to learn and the entire scope of education, so much so that even still I see something that is interesting and I immediately look for more information. I am not afraid to enroll in classes, read a million books and even write long-winded stories about the pursuit of happiness. I sit here now and look at all the many things that I was interested in, the paths I’ve walked, and ask myself that same question I’m sure many of us ask “Who am I?”

I am….becoming!

Without sounding too kooky I am becoming the person I was predestined to be. I am learning to define myself. I am teaching myself to be true to myself. I am breathing in the life provided and radiating the love I feel for everything around me.

I don’t think we ever stop learning, and growing in life and I’m completely ok with that. I also know that we never truly know who we are but more who we are not! It takes a wrong turn, a bad choice, to realize what you DON’T want to be. If only it was that easy to discover what we do want! So keep learning, and growing and discovering who you are. It’s all about the journey we take that makes life so much fun!!

Heather xo

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