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My Sanctuary is filled with smoke and mosquitoes…but it’s perfect

Who said camping was all sunscreen and cold drinks? We have officially concluded half our camping trip and let me tell you, there have not been many days with sun. While enjoying a cook out, surrounded by family and mosquitoes, it is important that you remind yourself that you are here to relax, and enjoy yourself. I have a lot of trouble with not doing anything….especially when it clearly sits there looking at you. There’s dishes to wash, fires to tend, matts to sweep and resweep as the dog drags the leaves back on, not to mention dogs to walk, and feed, garbage to remove, wood to spllit, food to cook and prepare….the list goes on. So now I sit with the lingering smell of smoke on my clothes and hair and I ponder my next move. And then it happens……nature….birds, butterflies, dragonflies, loons calling from the lake, young deer bleeting in the woods behind us and the sound of wind carressing the summer leaves above us. It reminds me of the reason why I am here, the solitude of it, and the quest I had to find a little time to listen, smell, and sense. This is a grounding you simply can’t experience by prayer alone. Connecting with the roots you’ve learned to visualize, while you sit beneath the tree they support. This is home. This is what God created for us. This is my sanctuary….Welcome home

Heather xo

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