Medium Thoughts

A game of charades with Spirit

What’s it like to talk to spirit? Well my mentor describes it well “it’s playing charades with a body of light” and trust me, it is exactly that! Most of the time I am doing a reading for someone who I am not talking to directly at the time, meaning I will email them a recording of their reading that I’ve done alone. Today I realized its sooooooooo much more than charades! It’s 20 questions!! I mean when they throw info at you and it’s not clear exactly what they mean, you are forced to ask over and over “Is that yours? Is it hers? Sounds Like? Can or Cannot have?” I mean the questions are endless….In order to give an accurate reading we have to sort out what each symbol and sign means and then translate that to our client. Today my neck and throat area got so itchy I was ready to peel my skin off and then I realized it was spirit, and after 10 minutes of asking questions I know now that what they were saying is “Something left unsaid” It’s not hard to see that now but at the time I was stumped! The chakra at our throat is called Vishuddha, which means ‘pure.’ This chakra is often blocked by not letting go of guilt, and cleansing your throat chakra can help you release things left in the dark. The color blue as well as the insistent itch all pointed this direction and finally YAY!! I was a winner! So the next time you are having a reading done just remember….Spirit is sending us fragments, images, smells, tastes but we are all working for the same answers!

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