It's Personal

There are only ‘todays’….

“I’ll do it tomorrow”

I lost a friend today….I lost a friend who I knew was running out of time….I lost a friend I never made time to go see, even after I knew that time was precious. We get so wrapped up in our lives, in our world, that we don’t make time to do what we know will be a regret. Was I really so busy that I couldn’t take a day to go and visit her? She would’ve come if it was me, or any of her friends for that matter! She was a genuine, sweet and compassionate lady, who dedicated her whole life to helping others. She was the first person to voluteer if a friend was in need. For years I sat across from her and for that hour, every month, I lived in her world. We shared stories about current events, the crazieness of our kids, traded advice on our love life, and shared a lot of laughs about the times of our youth, being not far apart in age. Looking back now I wish I had one more hour, one more month, to tell her how much I really appreciated her. Now there is no more time….

4c1d8aedc48b74da0bdcf1b5bfa0a2d6As I sit here tonight and reflect on my friendship with her, I wonder why I leave things unsaid. I wonder why I avoid pain, knowing at one point I will have to face it. If you learn nothing in life but this, hold it close, there is never a guarentee of tomorrow, so say what you need to say, and do what needs done, but keep your priorities straight because work is still gonna be there long after you’re gone. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family my friend, until we meet again….

Heather xo



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