Medium Thoughts, Rock Stars and other famous Crystals

Yes I buy rocks…but they sure are pretty

I am beyond fascinated with crystals and uses. Let's just say all those years of collecting rocks, I had no idea, would lead to this new-found love! While learning the general practices of Mediumship, one focus has been on grounding and protection. So of course I sought out information on the different crystals that help… Continue reading Yes I buy rocks…but they sure are pretty

For the love of FOOD, Medium Thoughts

I’m a chocolate cupcake!

The old saying "You are what you eat" has been around literally forever! And today as I ate the last chocolate cupcake, that was a mother's day gift, I ponder the eating choices I have made lately....rather frightening to be honest! When I say I was always a large and now I'm a medium what… Continue reading I’m a chocolate cupcake!

Medium Thoughts

Time Sensitive vs Sensitive Time

You need to make time for yourself How many times have you heard that one? Millions perhaps? I struggle with this now more than ever! I am the time junkie that buys calendars, and day planners in bulk! I have tried more widgets and apps than any normal person I swear! Bottom line, and this… Continue reading Time Sensitive vs Sensitive Time