Medium Thoughts

Who said that!

Quite often I catch myself asking the universe questions….

“Is this the path I’m suppose to be on?” “Where did I leave my keys?” “Why does my mother’s stew taste better?” “Is it possible to try on every pair of shoes and still not find one I like?”

I’m sure we have all thrown out these, and many more questions, into the ‘wild blue’ in hopes of getting some insight, some little sign, that it is heard. A simple response, a nod from the gods so to speak, is all we seek at these very indecisive moments and for most of us…..nothing. So why do some find those answers so much easier than others? Are they more gifted? Perhaps they simply know the toll-free number that connects them with the ‘big know all’!! Or maybe, just maybe, it’s simply because we weren’t listening to the answer that came in a form we least expected. I’m going to go with that last one, because I know too often, I have dismissed that voice and ignored the gut feeling. Here is my revelation!! And I think most of you can confirm this same feeling on many occasions….

We ask the questions we already have the answer to!!!IMG_1822

I want you to think back to the last time you asked yourself, aka the universe, about something important….think, think, think….ok here’s my last one “What if I fail?” I’m not good at failing so it’s something that I tell myself a lot. But the reason we are talking about this is because we answer ourselves instantly! When I said that in my mind it was followed immediately with “that’s silly, you will be fine” and yet there I was waiting, pondering and beating myself up about it. Why? Because for some reason we don’t believe the voice in our head! You have angels, guides, loved ones and don’t discount your own higher self, all cheering you on!! The voices, the images, the smells and sounds, they are all put before you, for you to see, hear, smell, etc for a very clear reason! We think it’s our own conscientiousness but in most causes it’s your spirit team, guiding you and helping you along the way. Next time you decide to throw a question out in the universe, take some time to really listen for that answer. Don’t dismiss it, don’t let your ego tell you it’s dumb or silly, just listen to your senses….the answer is waiting for you to understand. When it happens to you, and it will….just smile and say thank you.

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