Medium Thoughts

If you can’t say something nice….stop talking

Words. Do you ever stop to think how simple a word can be, yet how much damage it could deal out if used inappropriately? I am guilty of failing to use my filter, quite often actually. But the truth of the matter is, words matter! I listen a lot to the words around me, the conversations of others, the gentle chatter of old friends, the nagging spouses and the untold words of the spirits around me. I hear the tones, and feel the adhesiveness. I catch myself, heartbroken and close to tears. As an empath it is not always about what is said but what is meant or implied… While the words that are said may mean one thing, I feel the intentions of them and not always for the good. I wish people would say what they really mean but in a way as to not inflict pain. There is always a way to convey your opinion or feelings in a way that can be understood. There may not always be a unanimous vote on a topic but at least you can say you spoke the truth.

Remember, in a world where you can be anything….be kind ❤

Heather xo

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