For the love of FOOD, Medium Thoughts

I’m a chocolate cupcake!

The old saying “You are what you eat” has been around literally forever! And today as I ate the last chocolate cupcake, that was a mother’s day gift, I ponder the eating choices I have made lately….rather frightening to be honest!

When I say I was always a large and now I’m a medium what I meant was I have always struggled to keep my weight manageable and now that I am a Medium (intuitively speaking) I should make better meals choices for a number of different reasons. First off, because I struggle with weight!! But now also because I am a product of what I consume. As a Medium a lot of what we do relates to energy, the energy of all things really. When connecting with Spirit I need to be able to raise my energy to meet theirs. Some will be able to give me more, and some less so I need to be able to adjust my energy in order to get the best possible connection. I know from the outside looking in you’re thinking “ok lady but you’re just sitting there” and that is true however, like an adrenaline rush my energy will rise, so while it appears I am not doing much I am in fact feeling the full work out that comes with any other energy burning activity! So now that I have given you a few inside tips on how that works I will explain why food plays a part in this.

Most Mediums, intuitive healers, psychics, etc will follow a pretty strict diet based on a lot of whole foods. Some will be full vegans, while others will shift to a Paleo type diet. There are reasons for this, involving both the nutritional side as well as the energy side. By reducing the amount of processing on the food we are eating, we are reducing the number of hands that will touch it also. Sounds weird I know but every person that comes into contact with the food you eat has their own energy. Now imagine….a worker in a factory adds the ingredient into the pot that creates ‘product a’. That person has had a huge fight with their husband/wife and is dwelling and pondering it while packaging your food. The energy they contribute or leave behind is a negative one. Once the pot moves along it encounters worker #2 who is upset about their child not coming home on time and they deposit their energy on your food. Imagine how many different people have handled and left their energy behind on the food you are eating tonight for supper! Because we are ‘Open’ for business in the energy realm it can greatly affect us! Part of what we do is to remove or avoid any negative energy. Most of you will think that means avoiding certain people or situations and that is HUGE! But knowing the food you eat have been harvested and killed in a humane manner, grown with care, free from negativity, pesticides, chemicals and hormones means avoiding another form of negativity.

The next time you pick up that 4 pack of chocolate, double fudge cupcakes in the supermarket, imagine what hands have helped to make it, package it, and sell it to you. Now imagine they had a bad day…. Go plant your garden, your window box, a pot on your patio and know the only hand that will serve that food was your own ❤

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