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Time Sensitive vs Sensitive Time

You need to make time for yourself

How many times have you heard that one? Millions perhaps? I struggle with this now more than ever! I am the time junkie that buys calendars, and day planners in bulk! I have tried more widgets and apps than any normal person I swear! Bottom line, and this is what I tell myself constantly…..There are no tricks, or apps that let you know YOU ARE IMPORTANT! So why is it so difficult to make (note I didn’t say find) the time to look after yourself? In case you are like me, there are books that talk specifically about this….ya, just don’t. I could really use that book money on books that deal with a WHOLE different line of self help haha.

I remember when a friend asked me how I do everything I do in a day and I told her “I just do it until I run out of day” and that is probably where I go wrong. So for all of you with a day planner, looking at where to block off that ‘perfect time’ to do what you need to do for yourself, I’m here to help!

Let’s break down our day into categories to see where WE fit in

  • Time sensitive items-these are things you HAVE to do or life as you know it will implode and lives are in jeopardy…ok not really but in my case, animals need to be fed, I need to eat, and as much as I hate it there are bills and responsibilities that I committed to that require a time sensitive approach. OK Time blocked…next
  • Wants vs Needs-There will always be things you want to do each day that hardly fall in a need category. I believe house work falls in this area haha but I do hate mopping floors. When it becomes a need I move it to the time sensitive area 🙂 Here are a few things I include in this area….hair cuts, want yes need not exactly at this moment, and yes I can wait a few days. Spring cleaning/closet cleaning and any other unusual cleaning project you can create to fill a day….lets face it, those size 2 jeans have been in there for the last 20 years, a few more days won’t make them fit. Again, does it need to be done? Yes! But you can always put off to tomorrow what you can’t do today…(I am the president of the procrastinators club) and then we are left with…
  • Sensitive Time-I call it that because it’s a time when I can unwind, and really let my feelings sort themselves out. There are a lot of thoughts that run through our minds in a day and often we dismiss them to follow our wants and needs list! I see you with your head nodding….guilty as charged. When we allow the time we need to be consumed by the other 2 categories we lose ourselves in our life!

We are all guilty of it, and know we need to spend more time in solitude, with our thoughts, doing what makes our heart smile. Now that I have broken it down into pieces maybe we can finally see that YES we need to get those time sensitive things done and out-of-the-way! But then fill your day with the Sensitive time items on your list, read a book, take a bath, go for a walk or play with the dog. Whatever makes you relax and enjoy your life should DEFINATELY come before the drudgery of life. Trust me those things will still be there later.

Heather xo

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