Medium Thoughts

Medium or Large….I am who I was meant to be

I created this blog to share with you, the path I took that led me to where I am today…a Medium! Trust me it was not something I set out to be as a kid. I had to wait years, decades even to realize my true calling was not one they teach in school…well not in traditional schools anyway 🙂


Honestly, I wanted to be a princess until I was 12 or so and that didn’t pan out for me. So I moved on to exploring possibilities of either the law or accounting….both quite realistic but then came high school…. I was a good student, don’t get me wrong. I got great grades! But…I didn’t like to actually go to school. My life was filled with education. Learn how to make money, learn how to make that money meet the end of the pay period, and then learn how to have fun on the little I had left.

After high school my life changed. But before we get too far into the ‘wonder years’ lets back up a little to the signs and symbols that I ignored. I had plenty of reasons to doubt my ‘sanity’ growing up….

  • I had many ‘imaginary friends’ all of which spent hours playing with me
  • I grew up having indepth conversations with….myself?!?! From start to finish I could play out every situation I was going to have. And no I never heard ‘voices’ or at least I thought they were my own 🙂
  • I began having panic attacks that the dr’s diagnosed as an ulcer…ya ok bob. I would even stop breathing and black out which was not a shiny, warm memory for my friends or family I assure you. My Dr told me to learn to not stress so much, take walks….
  • I went through periods of ‘hermit’ activity. Would disconnect from the world basically, only coming out when I had to (get groceries, appts, or guilt from my mom)
  • I had my first ‘dream come true’ moment in my 20’s and it was not a good one. Watching your spouse with another woman is never good, even in a dream. Finding out years later that, to the detail, everything I saw was true….priceless
  • For as long as I can remember I have had the ability to absorb the energy of a room. What I mean by that is that I feel what other people are feeling! If I walk into the room and my friend is upset my first words are “Whats wrong?” of course they will deny and eventually come clean.
  • I just know stuff…I mean I shouldn’t but I do. I hear it, feel it, smell it…it is kinda odd I admit and until now I actually thought I was crazy (yep I said the C word)

Those were my first clues that perhaps I had a little different chemistry. And the money I spent on self-help books….we will save that for another day…xo Heather

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